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HI! My name is Raven Oliveira and for as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hand. Throughout high school, I was known as the "photographer" I took photos at dances, sports games, and other special events. Although I enjoyed capturing those moments, I fell in love with freezing moments of love and joy through my lens.


From the bustling streets of Montreal to the serene landscapes of Ontario, I've found inspiration in every corner of these beautiful provinces. My love affair with photography began with capturing the intricate emotions and tender moments shared between couples, and since then, my mission has been to immortalize every special moment that unfolds before me.


Whether it's the stolen glances during an engagement session, the heartfelt exchanges of vows on a wedding day, or the spontaneous laughter shared during a family portrait session, I am dedicated to preserving the essence of these fleeting moments for a lifetime. Through my art, I aim to create timeless memories that evoke the same warmth and emotion each time they are revisited, ensuring that every cherished moment is captured with authenticity and love.


Raven Oliveira

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